Missing Classmates

Help us track down ALL the classmates!

If you bump into any of these classmates, please share our web address with them, and invite them to join!  http://www.clearfield68.com

If you have any information about any of these classmates, contact us.  You would be surprised at how one little tip can lead to finding someone.  If you have ANYTHING that you know about any of the following classmates - married name, last place they lived, parents names, ANYTHING, please contact us!

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Steven E. Anderson
Chris Barton
Diana Bassett (Harding)
Ranee Beck (Tullis)
Robert Blouin
Mary Margaret Boone
Priscilla Brink
David S. Bustamante
Dennis Bywater
James Coffey
Doris Davis
Roxanne Doyle
Tina Evans
Jamie Lynn Floyd
Sam (Samuel Ray) Fordham
Alfonso Garcia
Frank Gavoille
Phyllis E. Greene (Harmon)
Dena Guill (Bryant)
Rudy Gurule
Debbie (Deborah P. ) Gustin (Allen)
Gail Halpin (Garside)
Paula Hamblin (Cowley)
Lynn Harris
Ron Hickman
Mary E. Honeywell
Deborah Ann Larson
Caroline Marlynda Lewis (Eves)
John W. Little, Jr.
Mary N. Mathis
George May
Sheila K. Mitchell
Sandra Miya
Edward Moss
Jeri Nebeker
Keith Nelson
V. Brent Nicholas
Margaret Pearson (Barker)
Myrtle Pearson (Laws)
Mary Louise Perkins
Tony R. Quintana
Rosario B. Rapolla (Toves)
Patsy Rice (Gambrell)
Louis Rintoul
Donna J. Roberts
Robert Rowe
Bobee A. Santee
Frederick Edward Schiller
Kathleen Margaret Schmidt (Campbell)
Richard Smith
Joseph R. Smolcha
Tom Sneddon
Larry Supino
Robert Tapia
Richard Phillip Taylor
Dwight Thomas
Keith A. Tomazich
Charlotte Lynn Walker (Faulkner)
Beth (Elizabeth Anne) Weeks